Friday, July 29, 2016


Head to the Dollar Store to pick up the following items to make this super easy and handy place value box for your classroom!

List for making one DIY Place Value Box:
-3 tongue depressors 
-3 paper cups (3 oz. size)
-Sturdy Plastic Container
-Clear tape
-Decorative Duct Tape (optional) 
-permanent marker
-20 bright green pony beads
-15 bright blue pony beads
-10 bright purple pony beads
-2 black pipe cleaners (cut in half)

Step 1: Cut the pipe cleaners in half.

Step 2: String the green pony beads to one pipe cleaner, the Blue to a second pipe cleaner, and the purple beads to a third pipe cleaner. There will be one pipe cleaner left over.  Set these aside.

Step 3: Cut the bottoms out of your paper cups. You might even be able to just use your finger and pop out the bottom on the less expensive options.

Step 4: Write out "H" on the top of the first stick, "T" on the second, and "O" on the third. Each stick will represent one place.

Step 5: Tape each stick to the inside of your box. Make sure they are in the "H,T,O" order!

Step 6: Slide a paper cup onto each stick and tape to the stick to secure.

(Optional)Step 7:Add your fancy duct tape to make the box your own!

Voila! There's your DIY kid-friendly kinesthetic place value box.  Students can drop the pony beads through the cups in order to add and to help with place value.

1's = Green Beads
10's = Blue Beads
100's = Purple Beads

Students can make their own to have in the classroom or you could have some pre-made for a center.

This can be used for independent or group practice in addition to an informal assessment.

Click here for a free task cards download you can use with this box.

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Welcome to Kid's Math Talk, LLC!

Welcome to Kid's Math Talk, LLC!
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