Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Chrome Extension You Never Knew You Needed

You need this Google Chrome Extension  


I have used other online sources for posting on my social media sites, but I have found Buffer to be the cleanest template and simplest free resource out there.  Plus, it connects so easily to my Nexus tablet (the app) and Chromebook. 

After downloading the extension from the Chrome Web store, sign up for the service and then you should find a simple looking buffer graphic pop up next to your omnibox (URL address bar) like the one below.

Here are the top reasons to keep it there

Reason #1: Connect your major social media outlets.

If you are in to using social media, chances are that you use more than one outlet. It can be exhausting (and sometimes confusing) to manage all of these individually, but with Buffer this isn't an issue. At any point after signing up, simply click on one of the buttons to the popular social media accounts mentioned in the picture above. Connect and starting using immediately. 

Reason #2: Manage your valuable time.

Buffer is an easier way to schedule posts. Even if you are a die hard social media fan, you can't always live tweet or post.  But now you can literally type out and share all your amazing thinking on your own time because Buffer has you covered.  

Think about the days and times that you want your Social Media accounts active and then schedule these times for everyday, or customize the days of the week. Once this is established, all of your posts will be added to your queue and then sent accordingly. The free version allows you to store up to 10 posts in your queue.


Reason #3: Choose what works for you.

Educators are using social media to share interesting and relevant articles and posts with their PLN.  In order to do that effectively and with the fewest number of characters, a link shortener comes in handy. Buffer gives you their default to use, but if that's not working for you, simply head to your account and customize the shortening system you want to use.

Find something on Twitter that you want to share with another Social Media group? It's no problem with the Buffer extension! When you want to tweet or re-tweet something, you will now also have the option of sharing via your other connected social media accounts. Just press the green Buffer button to get started. Check out the screen captures of this below.

Reason #4: Increase your Postings.

Looking for more interesting posts to add to your streams? Buffer has thought of that and offers you suggestions for postings already typed and ready for you to add to your queue.  There are even specific topics to choose from, such as Marketing, and Design.

-Download the free Buffer Chrome extension today - 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Creating Infographics

Visual representations of information are almost always easier and faster to digest, but did you know you can create what we commonly refer to as infographics, quickly and easily for *FREE* with

If you've never heard of this, I recommend checking it out soon as it will change your teaching world! 

I have wondered for months how so many Tweeters have such quick access to so many lively and professional looking infographics and the only answer I ever received was that they were already on their phones.  So this made me think that in order to really create these visual models one would have to buy some expensive software and then download it their device. But then I found this amazing website... 

Piktochart is incredibly user-friendly. There are many icons and photographs to import into your chart, lines and shapes, various fonts, and even templates to alter so you don't have to start with a blank slate every time. And if you are really feeling ambitious, trying uploading your own pictures to use. 

 In about 10 minutes I learned to use the website well enough in order to create these infographics about my teaching passion, math.

 I was impressed with the results and am looking foward to marking more! I see so many possibilities with this website for the educational world, both in creating easy to read infographics for teachers and for students. 

Here is an awesome video to make your Picktochart experience even easier:

Once you have created an infographic with the free version either:

1. Download as a picture file 
2. Share via Twitter, Pinterest, Evernote, or Facebook

I forsee this technology helping teachers break info into "digestible chunks" of visual info. 

Possibilities for infographics:
-Quick reminders for parents (increase communication)
-Wrap up of a unit of study
-Break down of a process in math and science
-Explanation of a life cycle
- Model for a poster that students will create
-Model of how to make a comparison diagram
-Formative assessment for students about a character, concept, task (requires email account)

What info will you Piktochart?

Welcome to Kid's Math Talk, LLC!

Welcome to Kid's Math Talk, LLC!
My name is Desiree and I am super passionate about math education and best practices for students and their teachers. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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