Sunday, August 16, 2015

10 Ways to Transform Elementary Math

1. Respond to videos - Record yourself and then have the students watch the video during this rotation and respond accordingly. (i.e. in their notebooks, by making a poster, responding in some other way.)

2. Student blogging - Have a prompt ready for students and then ask them to blog a response. They can even respond to others in this system. Free online tools like work well for this purpose.

3. Digital Creation - Have students use Google Apps for Education to create a math alphabet book (Sheets would be great for this as each letter could be its own page and students can even work collaboratively on one document!)

4.  Student Created Video - Have students write a creative script 
that includes various math talk vocabulary and concepts and 
then work on recording this video. Several different genres can 
be included here - students could give a news report, create a 
fiction story, or make a documentary.

5. Augmented Reality - Use an AR app, such as Aurasma, with an 
iPad to make student work come to life!

6.  Surveys and Quizzes - Have students use Google Forms or a 
site such as to create a quiz for others to take.

7.   Online Portfolio - Have students create a website that will 
house their math progress throughout the school year. There could be a tab for each domain and students could add reflections, graphs, pictures, etc. to show their growth. 

8.  Learning to Code - There are many free sites, such as, which guide students in learning how to code. 

9.   Create a math book - Use a site, such as www.storybird.comto create an authentic picture book that has a math theme. Students can even respond to each other’s book within the class or they can choose to share their work with the  world.

10. Connect with Twitter - Have your class participate in the weekly math #mtbos challenge! 
          See for details.

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Welcome to Kid's Math Talk, LLC!
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