Sunday, April 9, 2017

Kid's Math Talk Blogging Challenge

5 Week Blogging Challenge!

I've started this blogging challenge to bring more energy into these last weeks of school. And no, my summer doesn't start in Michigan we go to June 16th, but I need some extra motivation now!

 When this is over we'll have another all-star blogging challenge to wrap up the year!

The Details:

3 Point System
One Point EACH day you each of the following:
1. Blog and post
2. Tag @kidsmathtalk in your post
3. Focus on math in your blog


One Extra point for focusing a  blog post on the following topics:
-Hundreds chart
-Your favorite manipulative
-Earth Day challenge
-Incorporating a spring theme into your math teaching
-something you learned from a colleague
-something you learned from a student
-Cooking with math
-math workshop
-math talk
-using technology to enhance math instruction
-math craftivity

TIMELINE: DAY 1 is April 10th and the blogging Challenge ends May 12th, 2017.

It's that simple!.

Wait....What about prizes??

Of course there are prizes! 

 $20 Amazon Gift Cards

Winners will be announced May 16th, 2017.

So who's with me?

Tag me @kidsmathtalk on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter or email  to sign up!

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Welcome to Kid's Math Talk, LLC!

Welcome to Kid's Math Talk, LLC!
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